In Lent 2018



Isaiah 44:22

I have blotted out your transgressions like a cloud and your sins like mist; return to me, for I have redeemed you.


Go’el is the root word and refers to the laws of a kinsman redeemer. When a Hebrew had fallen into poverty and sold himself into slavery, property was sold to pay a debt, or a close relative had been murdered the next of kin would be their redeemer. They would pay the penalty, purchase back their relative from slavery, or avenge the death of their murdered kinsman. The laws of the kinsman redeemer were an object lesson for the redemption of the world back to God.

Redemption was not an afterthought that God came up with because His children would not obey Him. Redemption was the plan before time began. Christ on the cross would be the price God would pay to redeem the earth and buy back His children. God, our Father, is our Redeemer. Our closest relative. He gave everything He had to give us our freedom.



Why would Go­-Ali, the name of God from scripture that means Redeemer, be willing to nail Christ to the cross to reconcile us to Himself?

Repent of living as if you are still a slave of sin even though Go-­Ali has already paid the price for your freedom.

Pray and ask Go­-Ali to help you to live a fully redeemed life and to help you drop the chains of your past and your sins that still control your thoughts and your actions.

Listen and think about what your life would look like when you walk in the redemption that Jesus died for.

Meditate on what it cost Go-­Ali to redeem you. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the love God has for you that inspired Him to pay the penalty for your sin.

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