In Lent 2018

El Olam

Everlasting God Who Never Changes

Psalm 102:27

But you remain the same, and your years will never end.


A self­-revelation from God to Abraham. Without God revealing His everlasting nature we would have never known. Olam speaks to all time before and all time after. In a process of self-revelation God revealed more and more of Himself, but El Olam tells us that God is constant. New revelations of His character to us are not changes in His character, but they are evidence of our ever-­developing intimacy with Him.

God revealed His eternal constant nature to give us comfort in a world that is always changing around us. When there seems to be nothing for us to grasp onto God’s consistency is always there. It means that God’s characteristics are always available to us.



Do you feel like God, revealed to us as El Olam, is constant or do you feel like sometimes God changes His nature?

Repent of thinking of God as a human who might change His mind or change His character.

Pray and ask El Olam to show you where He has been constant when you have felt He has been changeable.

Listen and think about the safety there is in the constant nature of El Olam. Let the Holy Spirit reveal to you where He wants you to know you are safe.

Meditate on what we know of God through history revealed in the bible or in your life, and knowing His constant nature, what can you imagine for the future?

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