In Lent 2018

Elohey Tehillati

God Of Our Praise

1 Chronicles 16:25

For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised, and he is to be feared above all gods.


There is little we have that we can give to God. The most significant of which is our praise. The root word for praise is hallel (Hallelujah literally means “Praise God!”) and it connotes taking delight in the superior qualities or acts of another. When we take delight in the splendor of God we are allowing him to be the God Of Our Praise.

Praise in this generation tends to be disconnected and habitual. We have forgotten how and why we praise God. Many of us have forgotten what it is like to let our spirits soar in delight up to His. We are often caught up in what others might think if we are “doing it right”, or watching others. The bible tells us all of nature praises God. The purest form of praise we can offer is like that of nature: to be exactly who God created us to be.



When you think of Elohey Tehillati, the God Of Our Praise, what comes to mind as worship? Is that something you have learned to do through “church” or is it something your spirit spontaneously does when you consider the splendor of God?

Repent of giving Elohey Tehillati restrained habitual praise instead of the soul deep worship He deserves.

Pray and ask Elohey Tehillati how you were created to worship Him.

Listen and think about who you really are as the child of God. What is your unique God­-given purpose that only you were created to do?

Meditate on how you can allow the Holy Spirit to teach you to praise Elohey Tehillati exactly the way you were created to.

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