In Lent 2018

El Gadol Ve-­Nora

Great and Awesome God

Deuteronomy 7:21

You shall not be in dread of them, for the LORD your God is in your midst, a great and awesome God.

God is completely Good. God is completely loving. God is unceasingly gracious. God’s mercy knows no limits. God is a Great and Awesome God.

Contemporary ears will hear Great and Awesome and think Big and Wonderful. The ancient Hebrew would hear Terror and Reverence or Dread and Obedience. God is not to be feared because He has any evil or unjust qualities or wants to do any harm. God is to be feared because of the sheer magnitude of His holiness, power, and splendor.

Appropriate fear of God is to realize that next to Him we are the dirt from which He originally made us. We are nothing without Him. We have no wisdom except what He gives us. We have no goodness except what comes from Him. It is being ever aware of how bankrupt we are alone. It is the recognition that He is Supreme and, in His goodness and grace, everything He has Christ died to give to us.



When was the last time you considered God, revealed in scripture as El Gadol Ve­-Nora, as something so overwhelming that it terrified you?

Repent of making El Gadol Ve­-Nora feel safe and comfortable because when we make God smaller we are able to feel a little bit bigger.

Pray and ask El Gadol Ve­-Nora to help you see how Great and Awesome He is.

Listen and think about how this changes your relationship with El Gadol Ve­-Nora.

Meditate​​ on Mark 4:35-­41 and think about when Jesus calmed the storm. The disciples, who knew and loved Him; living every moment with Him, were afraid of the storm, but were terrified of Jesus after He calmed it.

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